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Buyer Persona Intensive

Know who you're marketing, SELLING to. Skyrocket revenue and reach, stop oozing time and dime.

  • 2 hr
  • 750 US dollars
  • Virtual Online Video Call

Service Description

Every small business 1000% needs to have their buyer personas dialed in, so why not use Kickass Marketing’s buyer persona template to CAPTURE>CONNECT>KICKASS? Seriously, how on earth can you effectively market your business, aka sell your shit and put butts in the seats if you don’t know exactly all the different “whos” you’re talking too? You can’t. Stop wasting oodles of time and dime all while your efforts are falling on deaf ears. It's super easy to do. I've worked with 1000s of businesses and you all know who your best customers are. Get them down on paper so you can activate your team and service providers and point them in the right direction. Defining buyer personas is crucial for any business, regardless of its size, as it provides a clear understanding of your “could be” customers by listening to your actual customers to learn their language and what they want, what they need from you . To be blunt, this is step one for any marketing or advertising efforts. You might as well light a pile of cash on fire. Buyer Persona Intensive Includes: - Prep Worksheet for client to complete for Kickass Marketing Review prior to session - 2-Hour 1-on-1 video session with Kickass Marketing - Recording of session to have on tap for review or sharing with your team - Buyer Persona Worksheet for 3-5 Primary buyers for your business plus the know-how to do them on your own in the future for new buyers. - Kickass marketing proprietary worksheets that include marketing basics but also uniquely include sales/revenue goals and SEO customer language for each buyer - Action Plan for ideas captured during session on how to market to each buyer

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