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No Asshole Clause

Opening my own marketing agency has been a privilege and a luxury that has given me an incredible amount of freedom to create the life that I want. It also comes strapped with a shit ton of risk, without the guarantee of reward and scary, hella stressful decisions and choices to make every day.


One of the most critical lessons I had to learn as a small business owner is to - choose who I do business with one by one. That's not easy and working with bad money and the wrong client is bananas tempting when they dangle the cashola. So this is my declaration of the "no asshole" rules for your consideration, before we work together.

Rule #1: No assholes

No client, vendor, service provider, employee - nadda zilch zip. If you are not an inclusive individual or business that respects the rights of all human beings regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, way of life - do not enter. If at anytime, you are dishonest or disrespectful or unkind to myself or one of my team, you are gone.

Rule #2: Step away from the money

In order for me to abide by rule #1, I had to create rule #2. I have survived with $20 bucks in my wallet and ain't afraid of going back to the Bud Light and Ramen way of life. Matter of fact, I thrive putting together a $10k party on a $10 dollar budget, so bring it. I'll not even think twice if it means I can sustain rule #1.

I'm not for everyone and that's ok. Best of luck to you. If we're aligned, let's kickass.

How Can I Help You Kickass?

Thanks for connecting. Be with ya soon.

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