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Your website, your social, your emails - something is not working and you can't put your finger on why.

You've invested countless hours and hard earned dollars, and it's exhausting running around in circles to get marketing shit done. The simplest tasks take fooooor-EVER. And then, crickets. I get it. It's f'in infuriating that as business owners we're so busy doing our business, we don't have the time or energy to build our business. And hiring someone to delegate to (like every self-help biz guru is schleping 24/7) is a never-ending game of Where's Waldo. Good news, you're here.


How kickass would it be if a 30-year marketing and design veteran could tap into your brain, download it, push it through the kickass marketing filter, and  shape it into a plan that works for you, your business, and most importantly your buyers? At your fingertips will be the what and why behind your biz and a playbook for the how and by who, right now. You'll be rockin' a vetted and tested formula to skyrocket revenue and reach. No magic wand needed.


Woo! Makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck just thinkin' about it. Why? Cuz, kickin' ass is fun.

Ready to be in 100% control of your marketing and know exactly where you're at and how to get to where you want to go? Push the button below. Seriously, skip the rest of the website, you don't need it. Book your complimentary Kickass Marketing Impact Assessment Call and let's do this.



Kickass Marketing and Creative - Carleen Clearwater

Name is

Carleen, but

They Call Me


Magic beans marketing solutions that promise to make it rain for your business are bullshit.

What really burns my toast is, the marketing industry is plagued with shysters offering to take your money and disappear behind the curtain only to reappear 6 months later to techysplain away why what they're doing or did is not kicking ass for your bottom line. Pisses me right off.  


AND, holy hell my favorite, the tsunami of coaches selling you a one-size fits all course to mold you into marketing masters of your own business "in just 12 weeks"! Those faux-fluencers are slingin' so many magic beans the swarm can be seen from space.


At Kickass Marketing, we make it simple. Nail down what your customers want - and then give it to 'em. No need for a 12-week course. Together, we can get you there in one day. What the f%$#@!&*? Yes, one day to kickass. Because not one business owner have I ever met, wants to wait. So, I listened and fine-tuned my Kickass Marketing tools so I can give my customers what they want - all of it and like yesterday. 

Kickass Marketing Kit Free Tools

Every small business owner I've met has been sucked into a DIY death swirl.

There's absofuckinglutely zero shame in the DIY game. It's how every single entrepreneur did it - myself included. Matter of fact, 47% of all small business owners don't have a marketing plan. What's changed? Your gut and your bottom line is telling you it's time to trust someone so you can scale up, get off the hamster wheel and start chasin' growth like a cheetah chasin' down dinner. All you need is some tools to get your marketing shit together and your genius out of your head and into an actionable marketing plan with ideas and strategies to sky rocket your revenue and reach.  How am I different? I don't gatekeep my genius or experience. You can get my Kickass Marketing Tool Kit FOR FREE.  DIY like the boss you are using my tried and tested kit and stop oozing time and dime.

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