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Marketing Trends: SEO to Have Fun with Your PEEPS®

110k people a month are searching "peeps". Get in on the fun with some corporate culture style posts for your biz.


This is NOT ABOUT businesses ranking for the keyword PEEPS®. Not gonna happen. SEO is not some mysterious techy thing - it is the LANGUAGE PEOPLE are using to search for stuff online. It is the language your potential customers are using to try and find you and the shit you do or sell. So in this instance we are not using SEO to write SEO findable copy for a video or social media posts. I genuinely don't even care if you use #peeps hashtags because there are billions of posts. This is about you talking to the people who already know you and follow you and sharing with them a little bit about who you are as a company or introducing them to people in your company in a fun, real and relevant way. So we are using SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere for ideas and an indicator to marketing trends and what is being talked about at the time.


It is about a business being part of a trend that is happening. People buy people now more than ever and people care about who you are as a business and what you stand for. Period. We use to reserve that for nonprofits or enviro companies, but not anymore. Doesn't matter if you sell toothpicks or Tahoe trucks - inquiring minds want to know. So have some fun with products that year after year go bananas or pop off products or trends that are having a moment. The point is to show who you are, be creative, have fun. It shows up great. We can see it on your faces. And guess what? Makes doing marketing a crap ton more fun than executing one more blah blah we do this and blah blah we do that we we we all over yourself post.