Finally Kickass is Findable Online


Oh holy hell does it feel good to have the Kickass Marketing and Creative site live. Guess what? It is not done and faaaaar from perfect, but I took my own advice and “got to market” and “fecked perfection”, so that I could get out of my own way and start kicking ass. As you can see, video isn’t perfect yet either, but those will get there too.

I am my own worst client!

As a small business owner, I am grinding away at doing the business and forget to make marketing my own business a priority  – AND I DO THIS FOR A LIVING. So, if you are a business owner or managing a team and struggling to pull the trigger on a website, sales kit, event booth or all of it – it’s ok. Reach out and let my team and I help you. Obviously, I love being distracted from my own marketing.

Shout out to a #kickasssharer

Thank you Heather Lutze, Findability University (damn I pronounced her name wrong in the video) for being a kickass sharer of Findability and inspiring me to just go for it. As I mention in the video, she held a free Meet Up SEO Pop-Up Workshop and shared oodles of tips that I am frantically getting hot on for my clients AND myself. The workshop is based on her new book, Marketing Espionage: How To SPY on Yourself, Your Competitors and Your Prospects to Dominate Online. If you are living in Colorado and want to take full advantage of her willingness to share her marketing savvy, get hot and sign up. As a professional speaker and coach, she’s a gem for being willing to spend her afternoon helping some of us elevate our businesses. You can find her books on her website as well as all kinds of other marketing resources.

Way more to come for the website, but look around and watch the video for more about Heather. Let’s connect and kickass.