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Client gift ideas: Playing with word cubes & customizing for the kickass level

Daaaaaang I love me some custom schwag! Since I was a little girl, I've been trying to figure out ways to put my name on shit. Born in the 70s with a made-up name like Carleen (named after my Dad's Dad Carlton) there were ZERO stickers, barrettes, bookmark, lunch boxes.... zip zilch nadda with my name on it. So my mom use to say, that I became a graphic designer, marketer and performer because I love to see my name in lights! She wasn't wrong. Now as a business owner, I wanna put my brand on everything. And holy hell in 2020 - YOU CAN. And for cheap and easy. Thanks to big brand companies like Avery that allow you to order every kind of custom "print at home or in your office" sticker, DIY Promo Schwag & Print Companies like Vista Print and Cafe Press, you can and should have your biz name on anything you want no matter how many you want to order.

Watch this video for the story behind how my Dad and I created these custom client gifts for my short but mighty client list this year.

I wanted to kickoff 2020 with something fun and tactile and real hands on. Bonus: Everyone loves to see their name in lights or on cubes - so I customized each word cube set with a few brand words, so my clients would see themselves as a part of my brand. Genius right?! I think so. And they are a crap ton of fun to make and gift.

Want some kickass client gift ideas of your own? Pick a time on my calendar and let's fire up some ideas to help you capture your story and connect your brand to your clients!


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