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Business Notepad Cubes are a Classic and Kickass Client Gift Idea

Notepad Cubes are an affordable and knock-it-out-of-the-park hit for any business. small businesses can use these branded gifts to start conversations that lead to sales.

The Kickass Marketing and Creative philosophy

Every marketing strategy is geared to accomplish one of two goals: 1. To Grow Reach (audience) or to 2. Grow Revenue.  How we do that is by following the formula and CAPTURE > CONNECT > KICKASS. Schwag and client gifts are a strategy to CONNECT with potential new or existing customers. Below are some ways that these cool cubes can be either a reach or a revenue marketing tool.

notepad cube: Grow Reach Idea

These would be an incredible promo idea for a booth or an event where you are going after new customers. Remember these are not to close deals, these are conversation starters that boost a first impression and have great staying power since they sit on a desk. That’s how they are a reach tool that is mean to just grow your audience or potential customer pool. Closing deals is not for these cubes or the booth, the booth is for starting potential deal relationships – but, that’s a whole other video.

Do a custom design with a call to action on the pages. Do include your logo, but keep it small and elegant, so it is more of a gift look.Don’t blow your budget by doing these as a “for everyone give-a-way” item. Use these as a higher end item for more qualified prospects. No freebies. Repeat after me – no freebies. This is an item people have to share data or content to get it. Instead of just sign-ups, maybe shoot a pic in your photo booth or use your hashtag, etc. People will engage for good schwag if it is a legit request. Hint: Make it fun. Make it easy.

notepad cube: Grow Revenue Idea

Customer or client retention is a REVENUE goal. Keeping business is a hell of a lot cheaper than constantly trying to snare new business. One of the most amazing ways to keep customers is to genuinely say thank you. Believe it or not, this is one of the most effective tips I can share with you. Retention is tricky and a little more complicated sounding sometimes and so business owners often miss out on the opportunities or they are distracted going after the shiny new clients. Because of this, creating a habit of saying thank you in a real an legitimate way, can put you miles ahead of your competitors. These note cubes are substantial in size so they have a higher perceived value, actually useful (score points for that!), and can look fantastic all the time while keeping you top of desk for a long, long, time.

Do, like above, remember looks count. Yes, have your brand, but c’mon no logo bonanza, it’s a gift.Don’t forget the polish. Like my momma says, “Piss, poor, presentation can kill it.” Unlike the booth, these need to be presented like a gift, so go the extra step for these. Depending on your budget a cellophane bag with a tie like in the video, or a gorgeous box from a craft store can woo, woo, woo. Hint: Are you giving these away to everyone at an event? How could you use these to double as decorations at a booth or on the tables? Maybe beef up the gift value and cut costs on decorations at the same time. Pow!Whether you are doing as a reach or revenue tool, you can spend wisely and max a budget. Beautiful design can really help show off a one-color or black and white note cube with just as much flare as full color. I would rather you do more quantity, spend a little extra on the packaging if needed, or heck hold a happy hour or coffee to hand them out!

3 ways to get more bang for the budget

1. note cubes aren't a one trick pony

Printing a higher quantity of custom business notepads gets down the cost per unit/per lead. Strategize how these could be used for multiple marketing strategies for your small business like: customer thank yous, gits at event to kick up new business, employee thank yous, or new hire welcome gifts.

2. You don't gotta be all fancy

Work with your printer to get the most bang for your budget. You don't have to do post its and can skip full color or full bleed.

3. Don’t wait until the last fricken minute!

Rush shipping on these heavier items can suuuuuuuuck. Give yourself time to take advantage of low and slow. And give yourself 6 weeks to get the order finalized including production, shipping and packaging. Hint: Your printer/promo contact might even be able to handle the packaging for you to save you time and money. If not, make it a party at the office and get the assembly line crankin’. Everyone who helps, gets one. Right? No freebies!


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