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Jordan VanBoden

Kickass Marketing and Design Ride or Die

I’m the oldest of 9, and have a background in music, performance, and events. My design career happened out of managing creative teams during conferences. I found out very quickly I had a knack for design and I loved it. I met Carleen at a school portfolio review. And during a one-on-one with Carleen where I was asking for advice on how get hired at a different company, Carleen decided I was someone her company needed. I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back since.


There are a few things that motivate my work: I love art, I love people, and I love helping people thrive. All of these things are found in graphic design and marketing. One of my favorite things about this company is the opportunity to grow. I don’t feel trapped in one place or that I’m “stuck in a job”, there is always new challenges and opportunities for growth. I love being completely remote. I am a military spouse and having a job that allows me to grow and move as my husband gets different career opportunities is amazing. I love the work environment, even though we are all mostly remote, I still feel very much part of a close-knit group. Carleen cares about me as a human being.


In my time working in conferences and events I learned I enjoy communicating and making people feel seen and heard. I thrive on working on the fly and in changing situations. The unknown excites me and the road less traveled is my favorite path to take. 

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