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Step 1: The Why Before the What

Wait, what? You have to do work? This isn't a link to a magic quick fix? Nope. Fair warning, this might be one of the most taxing, hair pulling exercises you've done for your business in a long time. I promise, it is the #1 most important thing you need to do for your business, not just your marketing.  If you haven't already watched the video on my YouTube channel, watch it now,

Step 2: Create a LastPass Account

Did you watch the video above? Don't skip that.


LastPass will help you collect links and login credentials as well as critical account information. The most kickass feature for business owners is that YOU 100% maintain control of your marketing and business assets. You can give access to marketing and website employees and vendors in a secure way that doesn't hand over the keys to your castle. Sounds awesome right? Bonus, you can have the app on your phone in addition to your computer and have your business at your fingertips 24/7/365. Let's do this.

In addition to passwords for all of your business accounts, add critical information like the below:

  • Who (name/email) is on the account for billing and tech notifications?

  • What pin numbers or other security question answers do you need?

  • What credit cards and renewal dates are attached to the accounts?​

This is not a sponsored link or affiliate link. They have a free version that is perfectly fine. I upgraded to the paid  premium account so that I can have it on multiple devices like my phone.

Step 3: Start Kicking Ass with
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